How do you like your mashed potatoes?

Thanksgiving has just passed and Chanukkah and Christmas approach. I have a burning question in my soul that cries out for an answer.  I must know…


There’s smooth, whipped, peeled, chunky, non-peeled, rustic. Lots of butter or mashed with chicken broth. Sour cream or cream cheese or both? Non-dairy variations? Red, Russet, Yukon Gold?

In our home, the men-folk eschewed the peeled, whipped, airy, light, smooth version and demanded (in true men-folk-style)  more hearty and rugged, “manly” mashed potatoes. Interestingly, the women-folk have come to prefer this version as well. So, we use white Russet potatoes, keep the peel on, mash by hand using a potato masher, butter, cream cheese AND sour cream, lots of salt a pinch of black pepper and milk. The texture is very thick. For our non-dairy family, we use non-dairy organic butter spread and almond milk, but still pretty rustic. We mash ‘em up and keep them warm in the slow cooker.

Please share your favorite way to make mashed potatoes. I’ll be able to get some sleep!

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  1. Gerri Harris via Facebook says:

    Smooth and creamy, salted and peppered with a good shake of Tony’s.

  2. Red or purple. Organic. With skins & lumps. Real butter. Himalayan pink salt. Freshly ground pepper.

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